As of today the Aratron Productions webshop has been put to the grave and orders can no longer be placed.

Aratron Productions, however, will not cease to exist.
More news will follow in due time.


17 June 2018 NEW SHIRTS
Apocalyptic Black Metal Horde Cirith Gorgor release new apparel, both for him and her, to celebrate their new logo. Masterfully created by Metastazis (logo) and Cold Poison (shirt design) and printed in white on black shirts.

Shirt DABM

Apocalyptic Black Metal Horde Cirith Gorgor present to you their premium quality metal pin in gold / black.

Pin Sigil

Gueldrian heathen horde :Nodfyr: have joined our ranks!! You can find their EP, in both 7″ vinyl and MCD, plus two types of t-shirts in our shop.


01 October 2017 We are proud to offer you STANDVAST’s, VOLC VERMALEDIDE’s and HELLERUIN’s combined forces through the TRIAD 3-way split!


10 September 2017 WEDERGANGER’s De Gebrokene now visualized on Fruit of the Loom Super Premium cotton shrouds.

Tshirt De Gebrokenen

02 June 2017 WEDERGANGER’s split with fellow necromancers URFAUST can now be summoned through our webshop. Available on vinyl and CD.


4 April 2017 Finally in our shop: WINTERWAKER                                                                  TARNKAPPE’s latest full-length WINTERWAKER is finally available in our shop. Get yours in 180gr clear vinyl or in luxury digipack CD.


30 March 2017 New in our shop: GEVLERKT!                                                                   We are very proud to be the sole distributor of GEVLERKT shirts and wifebeaters:       black shirts with white logo and black wifebeaters with blood red logo.

flyer 2 merch

24 March 2017 Finally available in our webshop: freshly excavated shirts, hooded zippers and girlies by WEDERGANGER, featuring artwork by Karmazid


9 March 2017 EXCLUSIVE!
The fiendish EP “Bi den Dode Hant” by  Black Metal Horde CIRITH GORGOR is now available
Unreleased material from the “Visions of Exalted Lucifer” sessions, presented on
digipack MCD and oxblood red vinyl with an etched band logo on the B-side!
All MLP’s purchased from the band through Aratron Productions or at live rituals come with a hand-numbered silk screen of the cover art – limited to 50 copies!

EP atmosfear


Now available! The newest release by the Flemmish underground act HEIMAT!!

LP Cover1

To start off the new year, the split LP by KJELD and WEDERGANGER is now available in both black and white vinyl!


6 December 2016 NEW KJELD SHIRT
As of today a new KJELD shirt has been added to our shop. The ‘Two Ravens’ t-shirt, designed by David Thiérrée is only available in green for now. The brown version will be available within a few weeks.


21 September 2016 OUT OF OFFICE
During the next week and a half the Aratron Productions webshop will be out of office due to travels to the Northern Wilderness.

Orders made in this period will be processed asap after our return (as from October 3rd).

15% discount on all WEDERGANGER merchandise in the whole month of July.        Only available here!!


26 May 2016 A major restock on WEDERGANGER merchandise, including the new split with Laster, hooded sweaters en and metal pins!! Much needed when rising from the grave…


25 May 2016 Added the new The Spirit Cabinet “Hystero Epileptic Possessed” t-shirts to our shop!

Shirt TSC front detail

07 March 2016 We are proud to announce the release of ‘Sic Erat Scriptum’ by Locus Amoenus. Superior Blackened Doom Metal from the Netherlands. ‘Sic Erat Scriptum’ is available on tape (limited to 100 copies) in our shop for only €4.


25 February 2016 We have restocked our The Spirit Cabinet vinyl with a small amount of exclusive green LP’s!


24 February 2016 Prepare for a new release full of Suffering the seventh day of the worm moon!! The Dutch Blackened Doom Metalformatie Locus Amoenus will release their debut “Sic Erat Scriptum” on tape by Aratron Productions (limited to 100 copies).


23 February 2016 MONDVOLLAND MERCHANDISE IS BACK                             Aratron Productions will take care of all their leftover merchandise from now on.


19 February 2016 Collect your Vision of Exalted Lucifer here:

Front red

30 November 2015  As of today, payment should be received within a period of 10 days. If payment has not been received within this period, the order will be cancelled without warning.

05 November 2015  Wederganger’s new “Halfvergaan Ontwaakt” t-shirts now also available in our webshop!

Shirt front

26 October 2015 We have managed to get our filthy claws on some majestic pieces of Scandinavian perversion: NORDVREDE, KAEVUM, HÄDANFÄRD and GRIFTESKYMFNING


12 October 2015 Back in business with a new addition “Luwte” CD by Fluisteraars.

Luwte cover

14 September 2015 Just added to our shop: the “Dromers” tape by Fluisteraars.

Dromers tape inside

12 September 2015 The brand new Dutch War Black Metal sensation KAECK will drag you into a black void and rape your soul! This must be experienced!!! Find their debut “Stormkult” in our shop as of today!

CD front

25 August 2015 We have managed to lay our hands on a limited stock of The Spirit Cabinet vinyl and CD’s! Make sure you get yours!cover

22 August 2015 At last! Wederganger patches are again available!!

Patch sfeer

17 July 2015 Finally available in our webshop: the long awaited debut of Wederganger! Get your grey marbled limited edition LP or hardcover digipack CD today!

LP cover

5 April 2015 On this Easter day the waiting for the classic 7″ split of CIRITH GORGOR and KJELD is over! This unholy piece of ritualistic agony contains a brand new song by each horde! Find it in our shop.

Cg-K Cover Front 7

3 April 2015 Feast your eyes on WEDERGANGER’s new death shrouds – available exclusively at Aratron Productions! Find them in the brand new WEDERGANGER section in our updated webshop.

Logo back grey

24 March 2015 After addding LASTER to our Aratron Cult and while waiting for the apparition of the CIRITH GORGOR/ KJELD split 7″, we manage to offer yet another must-have: the “Skym” merch from KJELD is available now! Get your shirt, LP or CD in our webshop!


23 March 2015 Aratron Productions & Heidens Hart Records (http://www.heidenshart.nl) present you this unity of Dutch black metal! Both hordes attack with one brand new track: CIRITH GORGOR with “Rite of Purification” from the upcoming album “Visions of Exalted Lucifer”, to be released later this year. KJELD contributes “Bern fan Freya” from the album “Skym”, that was just released. Both tracks were recorded live in June 2014, carefully mixed and mastered for the best sound. This classic split 7″ comes in a limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies and will be released on this year’s Veneration of the Dead celebration: 4 & 5 April.

Split website


21 March 2015 Yet another phenomenal addition to the Aratron horde! The masters of obscure dance music from the bowels of Utrecht, the Netherlands: LASTER.
Get your patches, CD or vinyl in our shop.



16 feb 2015 We are proud to announce that we have added WEDERGANGER relics to our shop! Henceforth, we are the sole suppliers of true Gueldrian Undeath Metal on vinyl on the European mainland! Find your WEDERGANGER relics here .

Alles fb


13 feb 2015 You might want to check our site early next week for some Gueldrian Undeath Metal news!


13 feb 2015  Come join us and Kjeld at Kiehool in Burgum (Frisia) tomorrow! We will be there with all our relics, so save yourselves some shipping costs.



10 dec 2014 We are proud to announce the release of the Asregen debut “Saturnus’ Nacht”! Order your copy in our shop!

Asregen front


22 apr 2014 Pre-order for the CD release of Cirith Gorgor’s “Der Untergang” is now available in our shop.

Untergang CD


17 jan 2014 Check our special order on the new Walpurgisnacht album in our shop. Get both “Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet” and “Vergheldinghens Crachte” for only €12,50!!! (ex. shipment)


14 jan 2014  We are proud to announce the release of the second WALPURGISNACHT masterpiece entitled “Vergheldinghens Crachte”!